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of numbers rolled over
I have not regret –
for the places
and faces
unknown to forget
were the journey just starting
became of my days
and always – a way
just beyond

by compassion
for all I would know
and worry not long
for the past
letting go
as sunrise
bears witness
to the first fall of dew
will twilight remember
the same

fieldstones of granite
jasper and coal
diamonds recalled to the sky
made dearer
some silent retreat
float through a night
such as I

reminding me still
of the places I go –
and worlds just beyond
I remain
a blush to a moment
unburdened by time –
as hands fitting hands
now again

into this echo
into this sound
of all that is yet to behold
rivers of truth
have no worry for less –
as love streams
in light to my soul

. . .