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were coming back more
than asked of forgiveness –
no one would blame me
for running (away)
picking through pieces
were left of the ruins –
fashioned to story
with nothing to say

longer the leaving
than ever I wanted
destiny cooled in a cup
by the sink
wishes and wondering
(how will I know you)
when lost are these verses
of breathing to ink

you and your highways
while I – to the back roads
dust on your face
are briars (my own)
willed to remember
nights without shadow
reach me
(to teach me)
another way home

a place on the map
a weathered remembrance
heaven and earth
were switched in our stead
light streamed
as moments of angels
(and demons)
pressed in our pressing –
and stored ‘neath the bed

tho winds
yet were blowing
to seasons (unnamed)
by graces retracing
ten thousand (too few)
sunrise decided
in our rush to discover
time without memory
of (just) passing through

leave me the river
and take of your oceans
I’ll keep the lantern
(and give you the sun)
where are the stones
we laid on tomorrow –
coming back sweeter
into love
(we’ve become)

. . .