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i can’t help wonder
when the night is pulled around
how much of me is missing –
lives in moments
you have kept
as verses from the message
lines deprived of rhyme
backward now
erasing me –
from every only time

were holding
all that mattered –
might i find you yet again
pressed into forever by the light
waiting as it seemed
for moments i was meant
favored by the universe
carried by the wind
miles from where we started
are places i belong
no different than curses
to the bark
day returns
a story to begin

a far off place
of none compared
remains of secrets traded there
echoes worn to silence
poetry and smoke
are memorized
and written down
as proof of something more
come for me
as once the night awoke
to fnd us gone
where stars are watching still
forsaken not the promise
never spoke

. . .