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remember this
some sunny day –
hiding in your closet
folded me with jackets
flannel grey
left alone
with all I’ve known
of cooler nights to follow
pieces packed
in cardboard –
suitcase empty now

of black and white
almost I was leaving
when the best of all
the times
we stumbled on

remember this
the waking up
in sheets of sweetest linen
floating places west
along the ridge
wing’ed crest of falling
pirouette of angels –
forgotten to the sorrows
written here

in ruby red
where slippers fell
the same as ink to Monday
I signed my name
in cursive next to yours
swirls and loops
and hula-hoops –
take of me for chances
a way of walking
somewhere still –
how can I be gone

remember this
the squeaky boards
of sleepless nights returning
circle now the ashes
with the flame
purple light
as passion glows
warm into the marrow
worried not the seeker

as we conceive –
sit the night for supper
folded now our tendencies
are making room
for grace
love remains
in coffee stains –
ribbons to the saucer
lights beyond
where darkness fell
as wishes on the pond

remember this
of everything –
one more kiss (and tell me)
words to disbelieving –
have kept us here

. . .