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were ever the distance
from then into now
be more than one lifetime
of living allowed
a sign (without warning)
another sweet smile
of grace in the crossing
as mile welcomes mile

who would know
lest we tell them
of lifetimes before
of living left over
by love – loving more
of a place so much richer
than as this – as we are
given not to a city
a breath or a star

more than name
less than ever
we shall pass – even so
not for years to be counted
or blessings bestowed
would love be constrained
to a time or a place
or touch be recalled
as a fleeting embrace

can it be
I can see
even more – that I feel
what of words rarely spoken
are no less what is real
crossed the night
sans the distance
comes as thought – not so far
can it be I am present
in the places you are

will these voices be lost
to the ages (and then)
might we wake from this dream
remembering when
as will be – it was written
long before we were one
love is more than a moment
to the place
we become