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he said
I’ll do the dishes
she said
I’ll rub your back
when nights are cold
I’ll be the warmth you lack
he said
you’ll be the only girl
for me

though I can’t
give you riches
just all my heart can hold
a promise I been keeping
in my soul

she said
it doesn’t matter
this is something you can’t buy
he said
I’ll always love you
she said

she said
I’ll tell you stories
of another me and you
of times
when holding on
was all we knew

he said
I’ll be your blanket
she said
I’ll be your bed
a tender place to lay
your weary head

he said
of lives forgotten
were there others such as this
moments I was waiting for your kiss
at once
yet so familiar
I almost spoke your name
as certain you
before I knew
but not the same

she said
I was your father
another I
the son
how many more
were passed before
another we were one

he said
but for the part of you
knows of me by heart
tell me
where I end
and where you start

she said
it’s not that easy
he said
I’ve got all night
I been waiting in the darkness
for your light

. . .

Author’s Note: I have a friend, and from time
to time, I hear from him. Sometimes it’s to catch me
up on the nuances of his life. But most times, it’s
nothing more than a jumpstart to a tired pen. Almost always,
they start the same…’he said’. There are several
chapters of this in my archives. This one started a week
ago last Sunday. Thank you, Bodee. ❤

. . .