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how can I know
of words begin
pretending there be more
would change the past
and clear the page
of verses writ

spoke aloud
and screamed sometimes
when longing takes me far
much further now
the silver shines
unbested by the dark
a dip into the wishing well
and things one time
I knew
would light the way
as I have come –
a stranger –
home to you

the journey of becoming
in fated black and white
a jaded note
I found somewhere
was passed to you tonight
do you know
the way they worry
the things they say sometimes
of ways I feel
I’ve found my way
into your every rhyme

held against
your darkest ink
tied to words unsaid
remember me
the way we were
the way I loved instead
of this I am
tho far it seems
for truth the poet yearns
retelling our begining –
another love
to learn

. . .