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of oceans
might you tell me
of shores I never found
holding there –
your last goodbye
to know

messages untangled
as notes
forgot to send
strains the moonlight
sands below

held against
your mercies
pardoned by your grace
prayed for some
where’er your tears
might fall

of ancient rivers
rushing toward the sea
bathed in pools
of jasper –
winter squall

of timbers
other paths were crossed
with stories of regret
– passed along
as ships
without a sail

merchant chafed
as some suspect –
before the turning home
winds of fate
were destined
to prevail

the shallow dish
of wading pool –
glimmers bright your blue –
came the hottest august
to your kiss

memories reflecting
on a sweeter
somewhere now –
swords are melting
cool against
your mist

. .