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in the wake
of a dream
a tear to my face
so quietly
tenderness come
spoke without speaking
knew what was known
and wrapped was my faith
in once more

as the fairest
of bloom to the page
perfumed reminder of us


what will it matter
when time passes on
the imprint of moments
we stood
in this place
and watched as the sun
burned a hole –
coddled by bourbon
and lace

wisdom has found
a place on my pillow
while knowledge sleeps
out on the porch
makes not a peep
as eternity falls –
swept as the last
perfect star to be saved

e’er will I wonder
of distance not far
and places forgiven
as witness
to change
hands barely touching
remember it all

how I envy
their innocent streams


as it was written
so are we now
reach out and gather
these words to resound
in the coming and going
in seed yet to bud
gardens denied

traces revealed
in the living undone
breath even now has a way
of deciding the places
my soul shall retain
as silver makes haste
– time

as one
with the universe
sung by its tune
laid side by side for a while
choices defending
the feel of the road
as somewhere
they wait for me now

a winter white stag
keeps a bride
on the meadow
and sometimes
he finds her in dreams
they speak not of hours
or measure of more –
and waste not a tear
for goodbyes