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was a consequence
of longing –
this eagerness to please
the seeker (only seeking)
as were lovers
for release

were blessings found
relentless –
as waves upon the shore
as ripples of remember
touched the place
we loved before

were this time
our only season –
might I plead you stay the night –
(and worry not for when
the light would come)

as dreams decided
by our sleep –
will slumber never end
our faith (to wait our waking)
as another life begins

were love resigned
to nothing more
than ashes blown away –
seeds where blooms (we planted)
burst to harvest

let go my hand –
let go my love
the universe reclaimed
to mornings (we had wandered)
as before –
are now again

were heaven but a notion
of somewhere else we knew –
tho faraway
as angels (flocking) then

living still
within the breath
(eternities between)
as slumber without sleeping –
as dreams within
the dream
. . .