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From the first man
to hold me –
I learned how to love.
Was patience
taught me to stand.
I’ve seen the whole world
from the throne
of your shoulders –
wrapping my heart (with your heart)
in your hands.

A faith
ne’er regarded
as less than was due –
a purpose for life (for love)
to repay.
A story so rare –
it could never be told
– yet blessed (o so blessed)
by the giving away.

For love
of a woman –
no more than a girl
removed from the path
of goodbyes –
found in your heart
a destiny come
by the way
your hair
fell (like stars)
to your eyes.

Wealth never
by quarters and bills –
is held to the heart
so fragile (so few)
as a life
made to matter
in moments of love –
photographs faded
and worn nearly through.

Was more
than a promise
to love without end –
what was given by grace
to your name.
From seed
grew a garden
of dogwood and briar
– blackberry,
cedar, and thistle
the same.

What worth might
I gather –
no greater than this
is calm for my soul –
(as a shelter
of wings).
There’s nowhere
I’ve found near as sweet –
as riding to dreams
on the arms
of a king.

. . .

It doesn’t take much effort to be a father; but
o, what it takes to be a daddy.  ❤