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was said
there’ll be another time
I wonder if that’s true
when I will find you waiting here
when I shall come to you
when I will read
and you will write
our words will spill the same
how many lives may pass as none
to wonder why we came

you feel it now
I know it’s real –
this longing in my soul
was made for words and words will come
how is that you know
I read it once  (you taught me well)
how could that ever be
another time (of all we know)
a place of destiny
there are words
and there are words
that’s how I’m bound to you
as breath to breath
as earth to sun
I know this much is true
I’ll find you when
we touch
we love
we dream

I love that smile
it’s been a while
through times of disbelief
you knew me then
and now again –
the smell of burning leaves
would rivers know
the way to home –
will bring you back to me

. . .