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been wearing down
and turned around
which way
the way I’m bound
come Sunday
one more place
I lay before

as lace
against the maple
knots along the floor
here I’ll be
tho I won’t be no more

for miles beyond
the edges
years beyond my own
to know
as I been knowing
every road
will take me home

when nights
of blackened cinder
days to burn my skin
beneath your sighs
I touch the skies
o breath
and there again

a song escapes
the rafters
a feather on the breeze
the sweet sashay
of glories
on the rise
coffee warm –
a red tail sails
the trees

a moment
as no other
come into
I find you still
in places I been going
will the knowing
heart reveal

a dream I knew
awakes me new

. . .