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he said
the stars are fading
I feel it in my bones
will I wake
to find you sleeping
here alone
beneath a moon
we weaved into
another dreamless night

will I wake
beyond this memory
of flight

she said
I’ll have another –
maybe half a cup
let me sit here
while the sun is coming up
reminding you
the reasons
you let me stay this long

for another day –
another almost

he said
you’ve always known me –
I warned you
from the start
of places unprotected
by my heart

how often
yet I wonder
how you come to be so wise
when I see ten thousand questions
in your eyes

she said
of times
unspoken –
was I first to hold you near
the last to kiss –
the last
to disappear

you wonder
when I wander –
how I wish
that you could know
there is nowhere I am going
you won’t go

. . .