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of sorrows
I have many
yet my heart is cleaved
again –
opened wide
to let the others in
as all over
once and more
for every time –
here we end
here the new begins

trading scars
for ancient stars –
to trace the lines
around and deep my heart
take of this
they all
would say –
take and leave me sore
fill me up
with living –
let us start

in stories
yet unwritten –
might I tell of love
the same
when given up my
treasure –
every name
would you know
me then
by something more
than tears to never fall
a candle burned
for sorrow –
for us all

and there you wonder
where it went
and what it means
when words are caught
and I can’t say
a thing
but trust the beat
of measure
come in every
word I write –
to fill the darkness
sweeter now
with light

Author’s Note: Inspired in part by the post of a friend.
Thank you, Blue.

. . .