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steal the honey
trade my voice –
of Persian poets to linger
rubbing rubber bands
across my rhyme
soothe the beast
of wanting
for wilder –
this retreat
into the nevermore
evading me

of opal song
and rapture willed
beyond this brief existence
uttered soft
a language yet I know
silver words
to cut the gums –
swallowed without question
for where the poison sits
when it is done

mark my way
with berries –
black the pathway ripe
curs’ed be
each memory of briar
dare the day to waking
messy traps
and all –
lure me back with poems
written here

time is but
a squinty eye
staring at the world –
fleeting was his vision
to behold
a history no one could see
paths of fear and fable
blankets pulled aside
to let the cold

listen now
within the greys
shadows sometimes fall
and I shall lean
into your line of love
as I always have
the tempting taste of sorrows
worn into this wonder
of women wearing wings

will to me
the water
where once the well
went dry –
close the book
when leaving here
but let the cup