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lifetimes more
somewhere I know
I left you broken (left you blue)
fortune raised to falling light –
into these arms
of wishes true

wore your tears
against my heart
eighty years and not a one –
you weren’t a part
of me (becoming)
– jealous moon
of curs’ed sun

found a note
you left behind –
and pinned your voice
inside my sleeve
for every time
I heard your name
my breath was stopped
for love (to grieve)

was ever I
to feel this way –
or given grace
again somewhere
(take me back) into this life –
another day
to find you there

dare you break
of ties so frail –
as final payment lingers due
wilted roses
broken fence
and miles between
(I never knew)

where you’d be
this time around –
Kentucky roads
split north and south
the same old stars –
(the same sweet view)
and all the rest
forgotten now

once enough
forever still –
words are folded
(you can’t see)
pages rub (my memory raw)
as night returns
your love
to me