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to wonder why
it was to be
when came ~ another day
though not your plan
to leave again
another heart to save

with words
to match your rhythm ~
as language spilled to rhyme
we flew beyond the seeking
as geese into the night

wanting for a moment
never knew the way
we’d be ~
returning for each other
by way of memory

to know again
as once we were ~
when swore an oath to find
the way beyond the darkness ~
a moment so divine

we couldn’t stay
we wouldn’t say
lest words ~ our truth reveal
a mystery
we’d come again
this promise to fulfill

e’er destiny be less
than more
or fate betray our place
words denied a keeper
tales of breath and lace ~

as shadows failing
brushed aside by sighs ~
a lover’s curse
shall be the way remembered ~
as souls reborn to verse