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thirty miles
is not so far
tho less along the fences
lines already drawn
from heart to home
the road curves back
beside a creek
I remember once you held me –
the water was so cold
I cried for days

there’s a weathered bridge
a leaning barn
winter wheat and locust
boxes stand as one
their flags aloft
the sun wears low
enough to reconsider
how many loves
forsaken to this road

and beat up trucks –
drift along the shoulder
pass without a curse
without a pause –
a fleeting recognition
of someone
once you loved
can’t see the tears
beyond the years
can’t say I’ve had enough
of honeysuckle
gravel roads
heaven spread before

weeds have bound
my thirsty heart
to yours

thirty miles
is not so far
lest I lose my way –
wait the creek to rise
would take me home

. . .