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there’s more
I can’t tell you
of thought in search of word
– of all I feel
so much is never heard
except for in the tender
of fingers
to your skin

a shudder of surrender
to a sigh

of love
there is a language
your eyes –
they speak so well
of mysteries
no tongue can ever tell
a whisper of remember me
is music to my soul –

a coming back
tho not so far
from home

it seems
within your story
I’ve found a bit of mine
a place within your spaces
so divine
some faraway permission
to hold you just
this way

to lie awake and wonder
why you stay

so long
it doesn’t matter
what words the poet used
how long the night
in silence
held the dew
these hands shall
keep your secrets –
this heart
a solace be –

words where none
are needed
– talk to me

. . .