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what essence
have I left behind
to places here I love
don’t think me gone
– don’t think
you are alone

how could you know
of something more
than moments yet to grieve
a heart designed
to hold the love I leave

will hear the faintest echo
of laughter
such as mine
through the trees
a buzzing like the bees

a ripple on the water
flowing gently to your shore
as daylight
thru the window
of your tears

o don’t think me gone
when all I love
is here

in ways
you will remember
every whisper of your name
a presence just beyond
the reach
of dreams

these arms
were meant to hold you –
even now
they warm you so
don’t think me gone
– love won’t
let you go

. . .

In memoriam ~
James Houston Thomas
June 25, 2014