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whereand stillsometimes
the path beginning
seems distant from the start
but still the sun
familiar shadows fall
along the ways
we came before
another day of light
reminders of our passage
thru the dark

beneath a shelf
where heaven knew
each step before we took
a choice of paths
with nothing
save the moon
forgave our sole allegiance
would find a way to love
revealing what of here
was yesterday

in stories
started over
might a hero hesitate
as destinies rewritten
by promise come too late

ten thousand lives
a million miles
o’er sand that would be sea
returning us – a stranger
to the one
we came to be

were all our plans
by choices long ago
so different this –
our journey never done
remains of us a setting
familiar as the first
– a breath away
from living
just begun

. . .