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there was a place
I stayed too long
as water softly lifted
swept the bloom away
washed my petals far

from where was meant
a garden someone planted
just for me
a spring bouquet
of gladiola reds
and flutes of yellow promise
tilted by the sun
should have known the rain
would fill them with goodbye

dizzy then with longing
his eager crown to steal
folded green
to goldenrod
surrendered to the flood

there was a place
before I knew you
waited something more
redbud turning purple
wishes climbed beyond
meaning swirled in final dance
none of us could learn
seed denied the longing
gone to home alone

was there a moment then
love thought
we might be saved

I don’t know
it isn’t fair
the pulling things apart
rivers keep no memory
of the sea
overflowed the only banks
had a chance to hold
did I float away
asleep on yester dreams

. . .