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flush me with stone
to depths gently whispered
a polish too bright
to behold
as journey made over
and over anew
warmed by the rushing
as one with the cold

pour me to seasons
with no way returning
gathered as beating blue fins
neath a wave
with courage of something
much deeper
than telling
of destiny waiting to save

break to my bosom
steal me to wander
out past the reaches
of wishes –
the moon
to places of wilderness
heaven made holy –
by egret
and loon

sail me
on slats
of maple and cedar
chart of my course
by the stars
departed from skies
foretold by our fathers –
to harness my will
from afar

sing me to home
with psalms of the river
blackbird and beetle
nature defends
a name by my going
is forged into memory
by ocean
and wind

. . .