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grace to bend

let me not
an ending be –
or seams sewn taught
by time
let me not
the blossom –
without thorn

as dust pervades
a polished floor
with imprints of the past
bless’ed soul
– this calling out
to be

keep me not
afraid to fall –
til all have felt my ache
as voices roll
beside me
in the dark

grant me not
a place forgot –
but shining brighter still
for those who fell
another day –
my brokenness
to heal

let me not
forgiveness save
within my eager breast
or kisses
tainted lies –
I shall not give
this longing rest

let me not
when time is gone
be haunted by regret
would seal within
my grieving –

hymns where none
are playing –
light beyond this light
if e’er my love
be finished –
I am none

. . .