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were’er a time we traded
I thought too far ahead –
was not for life I wondered
where we’d be
or mysteries I couldn’t see
answers to my faults
dreamed as you were falling
into me

of longer nights
I have no right –
to ask how long til then
how many ways to find you
must I know
ribbons tied
in weathered pines –
breadcrumbs everywhere
tell me where you’re going
I will go

beyond these stars
another wished –
of worlds beyond the blue
was never for a time
we’d be without
a place to be
an endless sea –
and arms to rock us so
whispered let me love you
show me how

when silence swarms
against my heart –
my eyes filled up with tears
waiting in a place
you couldn’t stay
wanting for another dream
tell me what that is
say my name –
and I will hear

Author’s Note: For my dear friend, Maryrose. I love you.