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recall to me
the winters past
of times –
and truth and reason
of moments more defined
and less restrained

by what was said
and who would grieve
our questions of redemption
when wondered of a time
when all was love

restore these fields
of innocence –
a lazy Thursday morn –
and nowhere soon to go
that cannot wait

gather me
to all you have –
a destiny forthcoming –
a place no longer
shadowed by the stars

of graces
we’ve forsaken
in the want for something less
would progress
take the place of times
we loved

fragile consolation
to all we might have known
when passed this way
again –

another time

give to me
the memory
of years unfated now
tho dreams can only take me
where I go

longing wears
a purple dress
the shade of which I love
and worries not for sins
already paid