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take my rings
and buy a sunset
souvenirs of yesterday
sell the bed –
to give me heaven
flannel ships to sail away

brighter stars
beyond the ceiling
told me once
their every name –
take the silks
but the spare the story
softer now – the dying flame

promise sweet
as monday morning
turn the mattress –
write it down
where we’ll be
when next remembered –
love we made
of moments now

trade my locks
for winter roosters –
sell the skates
from down the hall
leave the door
a bit more open
lest I miss you after all

of consequence
and one time leaving
there the empty shelves
are bared
sunlight stills
the morning after –
kept in pieces everywhere

thought you knew
I’d wait another
lifetimes more without the proof
two steps backward
into shadows –
spare the love
but take the truth