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of choices held long
by the reaching for time
and images pressed
to pages somewhere
stored with my heart
and a dress I once wore
when danced in the shadow
of memories made

and skated the pond
from the bed to the bath
ribbons untied
on the way ~

flickers of living
now splitting apart ~
but there in the magical
nobody said
what would come of tomorrow
or last through the night ~
held without more
to remember

ten thousand pieces
scattered about ~
edges and patterns
and gauze
how would you know
does it warm even now ~
to consider such moments
of light

forever sits still
on a shelf by the fridge ~
in a box worn by reason
and rust ~
tied with a piece
of knotted surrender ~

tho fingers sometimes
smell of dust

pages of promise
folded together ~
black mirrors blue
as proof of our rhyme
twilight spills shadows
the length of the hall

where laughter
sings sweetly the night