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a time or two
I’ve thought of you ~
and what you might have said
when sunlight fell
across these moments
made of who I was
and where I’ll be
when the day is almost come
waking from this
now familiar dream

where hands are warmed
~ words are wrapped
in memories of more ~
though one could never end
before another
(sworn to) start

who are you
am I ~
of one the same
endearing revelation
as wrens beneath the floor
doves atop the chimney
morning swoons
as questions spill to silence
secrets bent to keep
remember what we said ~
(we didn’t say)

lifetimes passed
though echoes chatter (still)
in words (I hear) unspoken
the rest without recall
where once I held eternity ~
much closer to my own

forgotten not the dream
to lie awake