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better that the dream
be gone ~
than held for me
one moment more
that breath should heave
one final sigh
(a whisper of surrender)
e’er I would taste
its sweetness
beyond the winter freeze ~
and share my love of graces
with poppies in the spring

better that the seeds
be tossed
to highways (not yet taken)
wed in painted canyons
gift to pastures
white with frost ~
places where the rain
was fallen softly
rolled into the ocean
and sailed
in search of me

better that my soul
what of beauty lasted ~
and where each wonder
lingered (did I know)
with every kindness
(I’ve returned)
as kisses from the grave ~
voices cling to silence
(down below)

better that I wait
the sunset glowing in the night ~
promise made
was never mine to keep
(windows glowing bright)
across the sands,
another savior –
where I was lost (and found)
~ where is my love

better I believe
in everafters (surely come)
eternities to wait
(so tenderly)
where meadows bloom
from ashes – and sparrows
wing from words –
paradise is where I am
and better still
for me