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near the end
he wandered –
could scarce remember me
a vanilla shake
he’d start to fall
searching for a memory
within a stranger’s face
a picture of a picture
permanence displaced
tho now and then
those liquid eyes
would speak when words were lost
in silent conversations
we’d say it all –
the best of best
a world made right
love –
and there’d we stay
wrapped within the moment
of ten thousand
sweeter days
I’d whisper
as he fell in love
with a voice he knew by heart
arms that reached
to find him –
with every precious

. . .

Author’s Note: In the months before my daddy passed, there would be days when I visited – days when he didn’t know me. Yet, he would allow me there, watching my hands as I touched him, my mouth as I spoke…… I’ve often said that every girl should be allowed at least one moment when their father falls in love with them. ❤ And here, we stay.