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left as the morning
was dried from the roses
and last night’s confession
absolved by the sun
drove just as heaven
found dirt in Kentucky
yet slowed not the heart
getting on

another night’s rest
much better than last
and nothing much here
to pretend
but I dare not regret
choices once made
or the etch of their work
on my skin

was innocence lost
in the will to believe
– blinders matched to my eyes
was destiny tied
to a white picket fence
anchored by wishes
fell from the sky

another day done
as the truth was set free
sooner or later I lost
the plan to give more
than was mine to conceive
in dreams
I can barely recall

the pillow made dark
by yesterdays’ tears
words in silence replayed
even now
as the last glimpse
of night disappears
shadows fall by the way

is it this I awaited
a long stretch of ache –
of whiskey and wishes
a favorite song
made right
in remembering
the ways we were come
as last night’s confession
absolved by the sun

. . .