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she said
I can’t get back there
without a map
without a plan –
I need to hear a promise
now and then

he said
the only thing I own
is the memory of more
where empty arms
wait for you

she said
it sounds so simple
but where am I to start
with permission just this once
for letting go

he said
I wish I had the words
I’d tell you how I feel –
there’s nothing here
but everything
you know

she said
is love forsaken –
with want for a guarantees
when all I need from you
is all you are

he said
I’ll make it easy –
and wait out on the porch
from there into my heart
is not that far

. . .

Author’s Note: Years ago, I co-wrote a piece “Conversation”. I believe
it might have won a ribbon or two. But more than that, it made me realize
the “whole other world’ that exists within two. ❤