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a sudden bloom
of autumn brushes –
silver ribbon wrapped
the blue
was pulled atop
my morning stutter –
bled my heart
with thoughts of you

pulled aside
the muddy shoulder
watched as life went streaming by
held for years
the need for saying
let me go –
or let me fly

take of these
these fragile pretties –
something more
beyond the rise
gypsy moon
and blackbird switches –
thorns grown over
sweet goodbyes

prop the window
up with promise –
drifting past
the place once knew
eighteen shades of red
to sunday –
somewhere now
they grieve the truth

bible verses
tattooed scripture –
rings my wrist
reminders still
of where the perfume
crossed my longing –
drunken skin –
impatient will

stolen clovers
luck for nothing –
crushed beneath my naked toes
searching signs
a black horizon –
start the wind
and let me go