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wherever I was
I knew you were here –
illusion made sweeter
by longing and wind
breathed into being by places imagined
my soul was just waiting for when –

a change in the weather
a storm on the morning –
lights sworn to meet
somewhere down the road
forgotten the nothing
was there before heaven
something worth having
– was just past the sun

for only a moment
(tho nobody noticed)
making our way to eternity’s shore
but lost to the route
we had taken (together) –
the tides we were moving
to oceans below
the dream of returning
to know you again

for another –
a glimpse
of a far-away comet
moving much slower in search of a star
would never be lost
or sworn to remembrance
when the reasons
were come –
the night fell away

discovered as stones
smoothed by the waters
how natural their love for the sand –
surrounded by diamonds
coral and snowflakes
of warm afternoons
and another time painted
in shades of forever
ripples of purple
turned green by the light

were curled
as a ribbon
and kept ‘neath the bed

and mystery –
ten thousand legions
lives separated by promise
to come
across this abyss
to the place we were started
another sun burning –
two flames into one