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when death resolves
to claim me
with not a thought to breath –
and whispers of a longing I was given
me before –
and knew I not
the ways to come
or how the path would wind
beneath the shade of laurel
beyond the reach of light
and I for you
awaiting this
as promised (times) before –
though without right to reason
get me back
I need you more
than yesterday reminded me
the warmth
that is your touch
ashes swirl as memory –
secrets slept beneath the porch
never thought to pray
wasn’t meant to leave –
even now
I hold your name
to the safety of my musing –
of kindred flame
belonged to me
the story you were writing
(shall I tell)
of where we were
when night was come
I loved you
(loved you well)
forgotten not the heavens
I saw waking in your eyes –
was all I knew
when begged again
of love (before I die)