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for sure
I’ve been around a bit
not much I haven’t seen
I’ve watched as rivers
rolled to flood –
and crushed the land between
I’ve seen them pass
and heard them speak –
there’s sorrow here for sale
peaches sold by basket –
and berries by the pail

my favorite jeans
are twelve years old –
my softest scarf – eighteen
there’s perfume on my dresser
– older still than me
a passion
that my granny cursed
wrung her hands to old
a walking stick
my grandpa carved –
permission to let go

there’s a coffee cup
I value most
the color of the sea –
was cracked the day that I was born
and saved at once for me

of satin sheets I never use –
and cotton ones worn through
dried to sun
beneath the lines
no other place would do
for sharing lives
and speaking minds –
curs-ed fate of men
spoke of pies
and nursery rhyme
til twilight fell again

long nights
on a crooked porch
tunes I know by heart
fingers press the strings
that were his voice

just beyond
the front gate –
there’s music I can hear
something moves
forever knew
a welcome waited here
to greet the past – to hold the cup
was raised another day
I say the same
I love you
each time I kneel
to pray

on ailing floors
a crystal glass –
and none of this is mine
inheritance of loving
moves silent
through the pines