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come the morning
of redemption –
city lights
to fade your doubt
for every time
another came
and I was left without

breath no longer easy
was a plead for me
to stay
tho I couldn’t hear
I wouldn’t hear
words you’d never say

for every life
you promised
another perfect place –
an empty barn
a broken fence
memories retraced

to kiss this ground
and cleave my heart in two
been buried
more than once –
beside the river
next to you

shadows slide
on maple floors
while someone that I knew
remembers me
from other times –
a lover passing through

the worst is done
the right made wrong –
and who am I
for asking –
will the crops be gone
before the frost
is come

so faraway
and where we’ll be
worth telling –
city lights
are faded now
to places faraway

would stay the sun
and block the path
from taking more to pay
the bills tomorrow
bargained for –
with love so far

. . .