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beyond this restlessness
I feel –
there lies with you
a solace
of solitude perceived
but few can say
how many times
your name was called
but not a sound was heard
as whispers of a songbird
never sang

if ever you should wonder
where on earth
I’ve come to be –
when given wings
which way the winds to blow
where were you
when I was lost –
to lay my body down
and begged your spirit
come –
as one to know

where to light
another night –
scattered thoughts to fade
flush the edges
first for one more time
as made for us
a place apart –
shall call this dreamer home
across a page
and given none to

the same as then
you are at last –
my seasons soft returning
red and yellow leaves
as love to will
quiet as a Sunday morn
warm as July nights
if ever life is come
my breath to still

. . .