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Just yesterday, I organized an ‘ice breaker’ for staff in our office – a chance to appreciate more fully new members to our group (part of an acquisition).

It was easy enough. From a bowl of skittles, each individual picked one skittle with no fore-knowledge of what the color might mean. Afterwards, we went around the room, sharing based on the color of skittle we had chosen –

Yellow: Last book read.
Green: Funny work related story.
Red: One thing you love about your job.
Purple: What you do to keep yourself motivated.
Orange: A life goal you’re working on.

I selected Orange and was the last in the room to share. Ultimately, I confessed I wanted only to finish well.

But later in the evening, I kept coming back to that little orange skittle and the life goals I had imagined for myself 20 years ago, 30 years ago…..
I’m quite sure I’ll continue to expand my answer as the near nights unfold, but for now, I want to listen.

And I want to give away every story I hold dear.

And still, I want to finish well…

beyond the snare
of days ahead
of nights where sleep is gone
dreams I had
do you recall
each memory become
a story told of wonder
of love I dare not tell
but worry yet
of silence kept
far beyond the veil

. . .

Additions of 9/26/2017 – To assume good in everything and everyone (and to reflect it back so that others see the value I see in them); to give far more than I take; to never stop learning; to listen with more than my ears; to recognize the divine intention in every place and circumstance I find myself in, knowing that the reason I am is part of a much greater I AM.

. . .