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in the gracious greys
of just before
sunlight spills the dawn
darkness pulls
his tender heart
to mine
silence rings
with angels
rafters bend and sway
heaven wanders
not so far –
not so far away
from evermore returning
words without a sound
to grieve ten thousand
with a sigh
love is but a moment
of light before
the dawn
a dream denied
the safety
of the night

Author’s Note: As the result of an ectopic pregnancy in 1984 , she required
a blood transfusion. It saved her life, but took something in return.

Testing wasn’t the norm, and she contracted Hepatitis C.  It would
not relent, and claimed permanence via liver cancer in 2012. This weekend,
hospice was called in.

She waits, and those who love her pray for a miracle. And yet,
already she is one. For Q with love always.

. . .