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I left my car behind in the parking lot, strolling in the mid-morning wonder that is April in Tennessee. The flowers are stretching and all around, blossoms adorn the trees where just a month ago, ice formed and birds fought for glistening red berries.

I juggled a cup of a coffee, my purse, and a book bag. But then I saw it – an almost perfect nest balanced upon a limb at the edge of the lot. I smiled and took two more steps before I stopped, put all my stuff on the ground, and dug my phone from the side pocket. I stepped a little closer and noticed there was a silent vigil on the nest, a sweet bird but an arm’s length away.

I took a couple of pictures, and another step. As I did, the bird moved a bit closer to the nest, as if to say, “be careful there, you crazy woman; these be the babies of wing’ed dreams”…..

It is indeed a sweet sweet life we are privileged to share. ❤