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forgot to sing

of eyes to shine
though looked away –
daring not to linger
on light would pierce
your veil of circumstance

of flaws
to wear your freedoms
perfection only you
can know of bliss was born
to wear your name

of falling
not for fear alone
the reason to awake –
to soar again
the lowly heart to dream

of knowing
more than these I know
are others I am part –
became as one
with everything
the universe consoles

of stories
more than one be writ
of places, faces gone
swords and thieves disguised
as arms of grace

of love
no more than this to give
no magic to erase
a day before this golden sun
did rise

of sorrows
let us gather them
and hold them to our hearts –
surrendered now the tempest
to the calm

. . .