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were ever I returning
for something more than bliss
my passing through
made sweeter
by the sunrise of a kiss
were milky ways
a place to stay
unnoticed by the night
awash in dreams just waiting
another wish to write

were ever I
awaited you –
with starlight in my hair
and quiet where your memory
touched my skin –
was more than words
you heard between
each whispered come to me
a beating so familiar
as secrets known again

were ever this
the taking back –
of thought once put away
as mysteries
resolving us somewhere
I have no use
for lame excuse –
would love be my disgrace
the same as then
remembered when –
another fond embrace

were ever cold
I can’t recall –
the time for nights gone by
of melted dreams
unconscious streams –
alight with wonders why
a living word
so sweetly heard –
shall ring the years between
forever stills
in moments dear –
as dreams wherein we dream