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for every time
I wandered here –
to make myself anew
when settled in
with not a care at all
turned to places felt the same –
so sure I’d find my other
balanced as an august
wing to rise

kept the pace
I’d meant to lose –
and walked the wrong side over
passed beneath a bough
of winter shade
remembering another time
we traveled this beginning
and crossed into a place
we couldn’t stay

promise held
as bittersweet
beneath the stubborn tongue
now and then as poison to resign
were other times
regarded truth
far more than understanding –
else lovers sit unnoticed
by the song

worry not for evidence
of ages I have lost –
tho suffered more
than e’er my verse could pay
as births entwined
tho for a while –
were hastened by surrender
to heal of aching hearts
beneath the pain

if e’er again
my journey pass –
as solace to the dreamer
or poems rest
with hands I used to know
give to prayer these passages –
of everafter coming
a long way back
to finding me –
along familiar roads