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it matters not
to those who wait
how long the truth
in coming –
would words bring recognition
of touch already known

visions past
are come again
as moments passed unnoticed
turned away
from yesterday –
seekers turned to stone
a sprig of purple blossom
was crushed beneath the linen
tied with satin ribbon
(the only one I own)

still takes of breath
and moves a tear (to falling)
just the same
though nothing keeps
a memory of names –
a place where we were going
another starting from to choose
did you see me
walking somewhere
near the shore

I don’t know how
or why the sand was wanting
for the waves –
a breeze to blow
I close my eyes (again)
would listening betray my trust
of other times (I wonder)
though worlds apart –
the tide still pulls me home

tiny (broken) seashells
pass my story to the sea
and roll away
before the others know
where I was
and where you were
when parted by the breakers
peculiar our surrender
to the moon

when painted black
midnight fell – reflection
on the waters
a letter once you wrote
has found its way to me