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take of my life
the best in concession
lest ever I trade
of heaven my lines
and strip of the blade
a chance for renewal
or walk without thought
for blossoming fair

loosen my heart
as tethered by longing
and set as a dove on the gale –
would ever I live
let me love
through their presence
and breathe of the air
as the ones
that I know

pry from my hands
every start written over
and make for a place
in the wood
stretch every word
to encircle the cedars
til vowels
become years
in the shade

bury me
carry me
feed me to sparrows
long might I live
in the shelf of a wing
where I wake
as a verse rediscovered
familiar my song
as notes to the wind

as silence to watch
from clouds
softly drifting
back to the places
I love