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come before
was nothing here
but wishes for the weary –
lights beyond the evergreen
a softer place to fall
amazing feel of coming home –
arms and legs (remember)
warmed in me
as fire burned
beneath a hearth of coal
lullabies and willow trees –
who’ll drop by on Sunday
to hang the sheets
and tend the ailing fence
to sew the fields anew with thyme
(rows were never straighter)
come and I’ll be waiting
on the porch

to bring you in
this old screen door
still moans for nights forsaken –
as roses push against the post
your welcome home to view
not a word (forgiven) –
who cares for why you waited
what matters now
is where you lay (me down)
as midnight falls
in amethyst turned blue
(by morning glories)
nightbirds dare to question me again –
for secrets whispered (quiet came)
without a thought for reason –

returning this familiar star
to wish away my words