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as sunlight
poured into the sea –
dreams unto the sleeper
shades of autumn
muddled on the ground –
of senseless fate
turns without an ending
found you there
beneath the final page

as I had wondered
survived by lowly verse
and dates to tell
(of those to dwell) beside –
whenever then
the covers torn
to let the light shine in
remember this
as truth to slip

paper sails
to evermore –
beyond the sunset shimmer
redeemed to love
as once the night
(to shine)
came the art of breathing
to claim another shore
valentines were drawn
against the tide

before the fairest
blossom fades
as longing met with heart –
as flame would burst
to daffodil again
let not the distance anguish
for somewhere else I am –
awaiting you
as morning waits the sun